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All ORGANIC Ingredients: Cinnamon, Sweet Green Cardamom, Ginger Root, Cloves and Black Pepper.

What is this Tea good for?

Cinnamon: is known to kill bacteria and help prevent infections Aside from working well as an antiseptic, cinnamon can help lower blood pressure and blood sugar. The natural compounds in cinnamon work like insulin to help promote the absorption of glucose into cells. It may also prevent blood clotting and reduce cholesterol in people with diabetes. Cinnamon acts as a catalyst for all the other ingredients. Cardamom is thought to stimulate the mind and improve memory and clarity.

Cardamom: is good for digestion. It can reduce flatulence and is also beneficial for heartburn. For some people, cardamom stimulates the appetite. It can help with stomach ulcers and nasal conditions by soothing the mucous membranes.

Ginger Root: Ancient Greeks used ginger as a digestive and to reduce motion sickness. It is found that ginger is effective in the treatment of migraines by reducing the pain. Ginger root has been used to successfully treat inflammation such as rheumatoid arthritis, body pain, lower cholesterol, treat stomach ulcers, alleviate high blood pressure, reduce the severity of the effects of chemotherapy, and ulcerative colitis because of the anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger is believed to aid and repair the digestive and respiratory systems as well as strengthen the immune system. Cloves aid the body in generating heat and can be valuable during the cold and flu season.

Cloves: In addition to the properties that are used for cooking, cloves are also used as remedies for bad breath and tooth conditions. Cloves aid the body in generating heat and can be valuable during the cold and flu season.

Black Pepper: Black pepper contains very potent solar energy, and is a powerful digestive stimulant. It also stimulates the plasma and the blood, the nervous system, the spleen, and reduces fat. It is beneficial for chronic indigestion; helps with toxins in the colon, sinus congestion, and can stimulate circulation to help warm cold hands and feet.

Chai tea is a healthy substitute for coffee. It has less caffeine and is not as acidic as coffee. In fact, habitual coffee consumption is believed to hinder digestion, agitate ulcers and cause sleep problems. The ingredients in chai, especially ginger, have the opposite effect on the human body.

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